Everyone has secrets locked somewhere in their minds hoping that nobody will discover them.

What happens when someone finds the key and the dirty secrets are slowly revealed for everyone to see? Well, this happened when the Fetty Wapp and Alexis Sky sex tape was released to the public.

This promiscuous scandal has been the biggest fiasco in Hollywood. The sex tape showed the two enjoying those hot moments. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt it’s one of the dirtiest video in recent years. According to reports, the whole thing was a big mess. In fact, Alexis had to take legal action against those behind the leaking.

Alexis Sky Doing What She Knows Best

Surprisingly, the former couple started blaming each other.

Although Alexis blamed Fetty Wapp’s ex-girlfriend Masika Kalysha on the leakage, its evident the two love birds had fun. When you watch the video, you can see the juicy boobs of Alexis. The two can be seen holding each other when naked. According to reliable sources, Alexis was in possession of the tape. The good thing is that she never denied the existence of the video. However, Fetty called her a liar to proof nothing was going on. Despite the video having gone viral on the internet, Alexis started posting naked pictures on her Instagram page alexisskyy_


Can you believe Instagram allows this on their platform?!!
Don’t leave anything to the imagination or anything

Who are these two celebrities?

Willie Maxwell is an American rapper better known as Fetty Wapp. He’s famous for his `Trap Queen’ single. Having begun his music career in 2013, he managed to secure a recording contract with 300 Entertainment.

Fetty letting Alexis feel his meat stick

In 2015, he won MTV Best Music Video Awards in the category of artist to watch.
Last year, he won Billboard Music Awards on the top new artist category. Currently,
he is a father of three children. The rapper has been blamed of having a child
with his ex-girlfriend; Masika Kalysha. However, he has publicly denied it. Despite
these minor flaws, he has managed to keep his music career on top. Fetty has a dream
of collaborating with Gucci Mane.

On the other hand, Alexis is an Instagram model and a former girlfriend of Fetty Wapp. There were rumors that the two wanted to get engaged before they had a nasty split. The controversial model stared posting photos on her instagram page. She became fame after dating Fetty until they had their breakup.  But guess what? She’s pregnant with his baby.  Ha!

There is a common tendency when celebrities are caught in a sex scandal, they start blaming each other. The fact of the matter is that they do it for money. The Fetty Wapp and Alexis Sky sex tape must have embarrassed the two before it was finally taken down.

Well, it doesn’t really matter what the truth is, but could Alexis trying to be the next Kim Kardashian?

Fetty Wap video
If you wanna actually see this go down, you can watch the video on blackcelebsleaked.com

She is a professional.  Pimp daddy approved.