Can you guys believe that back in 2012, Ho numero uno rated her favorite sex partners from over the years?? Rolling Out first reported this story, and I couldn’t get over how many famous dudes she has had sex with. And these unlucky souls are being rated for their bedroom skills and antics. I’m going to go ahead and bet Karrine is a total freak. I mean, she has a sex tape afterall. So we know this for a fact.

Young Buck was rated number one lay. He could go “for hours”

Check out this list of men she has let up in them guts:

  • Ja Rule
  • Ice T
  • Shaq
  • Bobby Brown
  • Usher
  • Diddy
  • Xzibit
  • Juelz Santana “the hair puller”
  • Young Buck “the best I ever had”
  • Jay-Z
  • Pusha T
  • Trick Daddy

Can you guys believe Young Buck is the top dog here? Really makes you wonder what he was doing to blow her mind!  If you didn’t know, Karrine’s debut back in the day was on Jay Z’s music video for Hey Papi.  Of course, as all of these “hip hop models” end up doing, she posed in Smooth and King magazine’s.  And here we are.  She clearly loves the D, and has slept her way up the chain.  Good for her!

Young Buck must have had his ego boosted, like, 1000% after hearing he has Tha Magic Dick.  Preach.


Do I sound jealous? Hell yeah!

What about Shaq? He must know how to handle himself on a woman, being seven feet tall and all.  He used to have sex with Nicole Alexander, and that chick is seriously only 5′ 3″.  He could break her in half with his dong.

Usher… well, Karrine said he was a jack-ass.  No surprises there.

Ja Rule?? Damn girl, I bet J-Lo didn’t even fuck him.

Diddy – he probably asked her to thank him for the honor of receiving his load.

Ice T – well, he can handle Coco, so Superhead… easy.

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