Will you look at that — our girl Cardi B has hopped on the sex tape train.

With the crap she pulls on her social media, and her stripper antics (just like Blac Chyna), Cardi B has made quite the name for herself.  Some say she is ripping off Nicki Minaj’s style.  We haven’t seen Nicki’s asshole, though (looking at you, Cardi)!

We weren’t sure if the sex tape was real until we saw the matching tattoo on her leg. Now, if you’ve seen her topless videos, and leaked nude pics, you would know she is not a shy girl.  If you want to see the sex tape, click here [NSFW]

If you look at her Instagram, you will see that she is bat-shit crazy.

So a Cardi B sex tape is not out of the question, as you can see:

She did have a hit single come out – and you know what they say: any publicity is good publicity.